Ripped Denim Craze

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If you're not even close to the Northeast then consider yourself pretty lucky. We've been hit by Juno.. the blizzard of 2015. Going outside this morning was a little shocking. I guess my mind is still on vacation.. I've been back from Miami for about three weeks now and I still think i'm there. Not cool. I need sun and salt water. Well, anyways since i've been stuck inside all day I've been pretty much eating and doing some online shopping. One trend i've been noticing is the ripped denim. It's seriously everywhere.. and I don't hate it. In fact, ripped denim seem to always go back in forth in style. I love it. I wouldn't mind if all my jeans were ripped(at the appropiate place ofcourse). I'm actually looking for cute, ripped(exactly how I want it) black and white skinny jeans but at under $50. Because let's face it, i'm a college student and i'm ballin' on a budget.

Here's what I found:
Links are on the caption :)

Missguided $47.50

Asos $49 (Only Size: M & L available)
Abercrombie ON SALE $39
Charlotte Russe $22.19 (Limited Sizes Available)
Missguided $47.50

Abercrombie ON SALE $25
Asos ON SALE $30
 wanted to add these even though they're not black or white because I actually own these and they are the best jeans I ever owned. Super comfortable, the denim is so soft and they are perfectly ripped at the knee. They're on sale right now, so take advantage of it. ed 

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